About Us

Products good for your health and good for your business.

IHP Health and Organics is an international distribution company specializing in distribution of natural cosmetics and natural hair treatments in the Australian market and the Western European market. IHP Health and Organics is committed to delivering unique, luxury and natural cosmetics impulse purchase products and natural hair care products to end consumers through select global retailers.

End consumers are more knowledgeable than ever before with more products to choose from. IHP Health and Organics seek out natural cosmetics and natural hair products that are effective, unique and price conscious to retailers and to the end customers.

Every spa and beauty salon, department store, pharmacy, and specialty retail store we distribute to gain a business partner in us; ensuring ultimate success and a strong and solid bottom line in selling the natural hair care products and natural cosmetic products IHP Health and Organics distributes.

We Are Passionate.

We understand the challenges of owning a brick and mortar store in the current retail environment. IHP Health & Organic’s primary goal is to help retailers set themselves apart with a unique selection of natural hair care products and natural cosmetic product range. Utilizing research, trend analysis, and the current selling track record of each product group, the natural hair care products and natural cosmetic product ranges identified by us fills a gap in your product mix, helping you increase your daily sales.

IHP Health & Organics seeks out luxurious and natural beauty products and natural hair care products that are unique while being conscious of the consumer and the value they place on a product. We believe only when customers come back to make their 2nd, 3rd, 4th, purchase; that is when the brand itself is successful. With so many natural make up and natural hair care brands coming onto the market, every natural hair care product and natural cosmetic product range we distribute guarantees every customer feel confident with their purchase and will always make their 2nd, 3rd, 4th purchase of the brands we distribute. IHP Health and Organics believe only when the salons, stores and specialty retailers we distribute to are successful; that is when we are successful.

For those seeking luxurious products with an emphasis on natural cosmetics and natural hair products, not to mention eye-catching packaging, these two complimentary brands are tried-and-true customer favorites.

We have partnered with hundreds of hair salons, stores, and specialty retailers in bringing the latest Hanz de Fuko hair care products and Pure Illumination natural cosmetics range to the Australian market and the Western European market.

Hanz de Fuko

Hanz de Fuko natural hair care products is an eco-innovative natural hair treatment range that garners praise from the likes of David Beckham and Calvin Harris and their coveted cuts. With a 87-90% reorder rate by salons, once you try Hanz de Fuko natural hair products you never go back. Created with 100% certified organic ingredients and natural plant extracts, this range is sulfate, paraben, and Propylene Glycol free. As a one of a kind natural hair treatments range, Hanz de Fuko natural hair products are formulated to pH balance your scalp and hair encouraging cellular regeneration from the scalp, which increases hair growth, thickening, strength, and shine. Zero animal testing, always.

The Hanz de Fuko natural hair products lineup also includes: Scheme Cream, Quicksand, Sponge Wax, Modify Pomade, Hybridized Wax, Gel Triq and Claymation.

Pure Illumination Lip Gloss

Pure Illumination Lip Gloss, a natural cosmetics range- “With a quick click, you’re naturally illuminated. Shine on.”

With careful colour formulations to ensure all colours can be worn on most skin tones, customers buy more than one at a time. This natural cosmetic lip gloss is an addictive impulse buy – a point of sale must. Bold and intense colours offering a 2 in 1 combination of a natural lipstick and natural shine of a lip gloss and formulations with natural ingredients of medical grade lanolin, sweet almond oil, Vitamin E, and jojoba oil, the Disco Gloss appeals to fun-loving and on-the-go females.

Pure Illumination ‘Disco Gloss’ lights up both your lips and the night with naturally hydrating ingredients and an LED light packaging twist.

Pure Illumination holds the international patent on its formulation as well as its container and packaging. Beware of imitations!

Giving Back

IHP Health and Organics believe in doing our part to leave the world a better place. IHP Health & Organics is passionate about helping under privileged children and believe every child should be given the opportunity to learn the basic fundamentals of life: Reading, writing and learning. A portion of product sales benefit two charities: Forgotten Diamonds and The International Children’s Project; both organizations support underprivileged children around the world.

"Hanz de Fuko and Pure Illumination distributor in the Australian and Western European market"