Giving Back

IHP Health & Organics is passionate about supporting and encouraging underprivileged children so they have equal opportunity to fulfill their dreams.

So many would flourish if they learned the basic fundamentals of life: Reading, writing, learning, and expanding their minds through art and music. Both Forgotten Diamonds and The International Children’s Project were started by inspirational and passionate women who have leveraged their knowledge, networks, resources and time to give back in a big way, starting with small steps. They are with these children and their communities, not only to build their confidence and livelihood, but also to give them the key to their future.

Water wells are now being drilled in Sierra Leone because of Forgotten Diamonds and bathrooms in schools are being built in Nicaragua because of The International Children’s Project.

Forgotten Diamonds seeks to improve literacy in Sierra Leone by providing access to educational resources. They serve over 2,500 students a month and have introduced over 40,000 people to the concept of a library. They initiated an adult literacy program and supply text books and learning materials to schools throughout Sierra Leone.

IHP Giving Back






The International Children’s Project’s goal is to inspire creativity by providing art, music and sport supplies to children in Nicaragua, Brazil, Lebanon and Greece. They coordinate and provide supplies and clothing to children in economically disadvantaged communities.

IHP Giving Back

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