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Male Natural Hair Products Revolution: Hanz de Fuko

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Hanz de Fuko natural hair products deliver affordable, high-quality natural hair products. Top favourite natural hair treatments are the Scheme Cream and Quicksand. The Scheme Cream is for all hair types and is a medium-weight cream that supplies a slight texture and hold. The Quicksand is an inventive powder-to-creme formula that creates matte texture as well as intense volume.

David Beckham has single handedly changed the landscape in how men view their hair styles. Through David Beckham’s creative styling and constant change in hair style, every style he dones, becomes an instant and long lasting trend. When David Beckham touts Quicksand as his favorite product within the range, GQ Magazine, Men’s Health, Esquire, Details and other men’s hair product authority take notice, thus becoming Hanz de Fuko’s best selling product.

Hanz de Fuko’s natural pomades, waxes, shampoos, conditioners, and gels are formulated with certified organic ingredients, have natural plant extracts, are not tested on animals, and are Made in the USA. “We’re committed to supplying the image conscious man with safer, healthier products that perform to the highest possible standards,” says Christopher Zent, co-founder of Hanz de Fuko.


Natural Hair Products: Male Hair Care

Within the natural hair products category, men’s hair care is now on the rise globally.

Men are more conscientious of their appearance from fashion, to hair care to grooming. Men’s hair care and grooming is the #1 growth category within the cosmetics and beauty industry. Male specific salon and barbers are opening daily, while salons, stores, and specialty retailers are dedicating more space and budget to men’s grooming, fashion, and men’s hair care on a global scale. One thing is certain; men still will not ask another man how to achieve a particular hair style. With edgy, fashion-forward instructional videos, Hanz de Fuko has expanded its product base to include educational initiatives. Their YouTube channel, with over 5 million views to date, showcases male hair icons and recommended products and videos to help achieve their looks.

Natural hair products within the hair products industry has gained international spotlight among many long standing and professional hair care companies. These companies have created new products that fit the mold of natural and organic hair care, utilizing paraben, sulfate, and Propylene Glycol Free ingredients. But, what sets Hanz de Fuko natural hair products apart from others is its focus on developing formulations that are effective through an abundance of certified organic and natural plant extracts ingredients without over complicating its product offering. Hanz de Fuko natural hair care products are scientifically proven to improve scalp cell activity and protection from damaging free radicals. Without an optimum scalp environment, hair cannot repair and thicken naturally. Every Hanz de Fuko natural hair care product is packed with certified organic and natural plant extract ingredients providing benefits to the scalp and hair.

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An About.com Readers’ Choice 2012 winner, Hanz de Fuko is also very popular with women who seek natural, high-quality grooming products.

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Hanz de Fuko Distributor

As Hanz de Fuko Australia’s national distributor, IHP Health and Organics believe natural hair products sold through salons, stores and specialty retailers should have value to the consumer. Buying habits have changed and customers are more knowledgeable more than ever. Every natural hair product range we distribute to salons, stores, and retailers will gain a business partner in us. We believe in building mutually beneficial relationships and assisting you in every step to ensure your success selling Hanz de Fuko’s natural hair care products.

Your Success Is Our Success

IHP Health & Organics distributes products that are unique and luxurious while being conscious of the end consumer and the value they place on a product. Every product we distribute guarantees every customer feel confident with their purchase, and will make their 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc purchase of the brands we distribute. IHP Health and Organics believes only when salons, stores and specialty retailers we distribute to are successful, that is when we are successful.

Through in depth research of the men’s hair care market, one thing is certain: men desire simplicity and are loyal to a brand once they find it effective to their desires. Hanz de Fuko natural hair products guarantees men will find quality, superb performance and versatility unlike any other natural hair treatment range on the market today.

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